Family Support Services

Several types of family services are available:

Respite Care

Respite care is short term relief support offered to eligible consumers and their families.

If it is not an emergency situation, it is "pre-planned" short term care arranged through the consumer's service coordinator or early intervention case worker. Respite care is consumer/family driven as the individual and family select their own care provider(s).

Services are contingent on available funding and available only to consumers who are eligible under the intellectual/related disabilities category of services. Consumers who are "At Risk" or "High Risk" are not eligible for Respite Care after the age of three.

Family Support Service Stipends

Family support service stipends involve the availability of short-term or one-time financial assistance vouchers to consumers and their families to assist in offsetting the costs of care items related to the individuals' disability. This may include such things as catheters, assistive technology items, and durable medical equipment.

Use of this service is contingent on available funding.

Summer Support Services

Summer support services are designed for consumers between the ages of 0 - 21 who require care, after school support, summer camp opportunities, etc. during the summer break period. Summer supports are offered in the form of summer support vouchers that allow families and individuals to arrange their own care and select their own provider.

Services are contingent on available funding.

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