WCDSN Adult Activity Center

In this program, individuals work in a variety of environments ranging from a supervised, sheltered workshop setting where they learn basic work and self-help skills, to community-based work in a supervised, group setting. All training is geared toward maximizing the potential for achievement, independent living, and possible competitive employment.

There is a waiting list for this service.

As a part of the Adult Activity Center program, services are available to the community. The individuals who work in these areas are well trained, and hiring them provides them useful employment as well as giving the community a source of high quality services at competitive prices.

Services available to the public:

The services listed below are available to the public at a reasonable price. Please contact WCDSN for a fee schedule.

Hand Ironing

Ironing services are available at the Adult Activity center. Clothing dropped off at the Centers will be ironed and on hangers for a nominal fee.


Crews of individuals perform routine janitorial services for businesses in the community under the supervision of an Adult Activity Center staff person.

Lawn Maintenance

Routine lawn care tasks are performed by supervised crews of individuals, for both local businesses and residences. Services in include mowing, weed-eating, raking and general clean-up.

Pricing for lawn care and janitorial services is set on a case-by-case basis and is competitive with commercial services. An Adult Activity Center staff person will be glad to meet with you to discuss your project and establish a price.

Table Contracts

Individuals who require careful supervision, work in a sheltered-workshop environment and perform a variety of repetitive tasks. An example of a current job is the preparation of deli kits, which involves packaging plastic utensils, napkins and salt/pepper in paper envelopes.

Our workers are reliable and work under the supervision of trained staff.

Our Mission

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